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Written, Directed, Edited, and Scored by Elijah Hasan

Early on I was drawn to experimental animation.  Soon my filmmaking ascended to short silent works,

and then finally on to the documentary phase.


While out strolling his neighborhood, a young man is quite pleased with all that he sees, until he sees himself.


My second attempt at animation, this film is comprised of just under 10,000 photography stills.  

Laying Awake20_edited.jpg

While dreaming, a young man is awakened.


A love story.  Featuring Terrae Ransom and Tiffany Reid.


A cautionary tale of what is.

More Work

Documentary. Experimental. Residency.

As I continued to produce as a filmmaker, I got the opportunity to 

collaborate with different artists, teachers, and non profits, and really create

intentional works beyond strictly my own ideas.

Community Works.

Fortunately, a preponderance of the work I find myself being a part of involves multiple areas of the community I am from and continue to engage.

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